Why build something beautiful if no one ever sees it?
We help startups start, 
and find customers that love them.
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Jeremy Jackson
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For new startups, our "Business in a Box" solution is your shortcut to success
Here is what you'll find inside:
Business Plan
Through a "Business Intensive" we will take a deep dive on all the aspects of your business and create a strategy for success.

We will make sure you have a plan of who to hire, when to hire them, and what are all of the hats that need to be worn.

We recommend working with as advisors and coaches on a weekly or monthly basis to make sure you stay on track!
Marketing Foundation
Why build something beautiful if no one ever sees it? 

It's not very fun to make a product that no one uses. Believe us, been there done that!

We will set you up with all of the same tools we use to reach our dream customers: from marketing funnels through media buying and advertising, as well as chatbots on social platforms.
Technology Foundation
Architecture is like chess. You can't win on the first move, but you can certainly lose.

Having a solid technology foundation allows you to build technology that is easy to scale and adapt to changing business requirements, and stay that way 'til your exit.

Our open source technology powers literally billions of dollars in financial trades, blockchain energy systems, and machine learning platforms for industry giants like Anheuser Busch InBev.
Depending on where your company is on it's journey, you may just need help with certain areas. 

Check out some of our other services below!
Products that people actually use are the best kinds of products... 
Don't you think?
Here are some ways we can help you
Software Craftpersons
You have an idea, we have the talent.

Our engineers create open source frameworks that power billions of dollars of financial transactions, and look good doing it.

Get it done right, along with a strategy to actually get it into your dream customer's hands.
Marketing Strategy
Not very fun to make a product that no one uses.

Turns out, there are systems for that. They are called Marketing and Sales, and engineers sometimes view them as dirty words. Not us.

We like making an impact. Book a Discovery Call for more info!
Board Advisory
Let us tell you what's next, give you the step-by-step if you will.

Who to hire, what positions to fill, which tasks to prioritize, LLCs, LLLPs, is there really a legal entity with that many L's? (Yes.)

We've done this a few times.
Is your team deploying multiple times per day yet, or are you losing hours to each release?
Automating your DevOps processes can easily save you tens of thousands of dollars in engineering efforts – even hundreds of thousands if you're considering a full-time hire, all while keeping your customers satisfied with quick responses to their needs.
Inquire about our DevOps Bliss Package

     Zero to Enterprise in Days
    Onboard Training and Deep Dive Training allows your engineers to get productive on Day One and Deep Dive Training ensures they stay that way
     Like hiring a full time DevOps engineer and getting all the results in days instead of months or more
At our core, we're really a bunch of nerds.
We can transform (or create) your technology team with world-class solutions and training
Achieve DevOps Bliss
You get a pipeline! You get a pipeline!

Each of your team's deserves a pipeline of their own, with all the latest in developer efficiency – Pull Request Preview links and all.

GitOps, Codified Infrastructure, Config and Secret Management, Monitoring, Alerting, Centralized Logging, SSO. Might as well open up Jira and drag those on over to Completed.
Become Microservice Driven
Microservices are more than a bunch of tiny simple services. The trick is keeping them that way.

When approached correctly, Domain Driven Design and Microservices are truly a blessing to productivity and maintainability.

With our frameworks it'll be easier than front-end, we swear... and we've got the gists to prove it!
Technology Training
The same training we give to all of our own engineers so they can hit the ground running with proper patterns and techniques.

Your team will learn how to battle complexity and allow simple things to stay simple.

DevOps, Microservices
React/Native, CSS, GraphQL
Maybe you just want to find your next step?
Working with a coach or mentor is one of the quickest ways to transform yourself and reach the next level.
Services we offer

    Consulting and Team Building:
    We will help find members for your team and provide an in-depth training platform to get them up to speed.
     Training: We will provide team training.
     Mentorship Services: Talk to an expert on our Slack
     Setup: We will help you implement ourselves
Don't just take our word for it. 
Read the reviews from some of our happy customers. 

Maria Lees

IT Director

"Patrick is always ready and willing to take on the next challenge thrown his way."

Matt Walters

Multi-time CTO, Blockchain

"Patrick is a 10x or more developer. He's the unicorn you've been looking for."

Andrew Greiner


"I'm running the meetings now and I keep mumbling "We need Pat Scott" under my breath."

Alex Tween

Lead Software Engineer

"Patrick's systems are easily the most automated I've ever used."

Sudha Valett

Senior Technical Architect

"Any company who hires Patrick will be very fortunate."

Mangesh Rane

Senior Technical Program Manager

"One of the best UI developers I have ever worked with."
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