Our Services
Achieve DevOps Bliss
You get a pipeline! You get a pipeline!

Each of your team's deserves a pipeline of their own, with all the latest in developer efficiency – Pull Request Preview links and all.

GitOps, Codified Infrastructure, Config and Secret Management, Monitoring, Alerting, Centralized Logging, SSO. Drag it on over to Completed.
Become Microservice Driven
Microservices are more than a bunch of tiny simple services. The trick is keeping them that way.

When approached correctly, Domain Driven Design and Microservices are truly a blessing to productivity and maintainability.

Our team has developed libraries to let simple concepts stay simple. It's easier than front-end, we swear. And we've got gists to prove it.
App Building
Web, Native, Both.

You have an idea, we have the talent.

Get it done right, along with a strategy to actually get it into your dream customer's hands.
Board Advisory
Let us tell you what's next, give you the step-by-step if you will.

Who to hire, what positions to fill, LLC, LLLP, is there really a legal entity with that many L's? (Yes.)

How much should I spend daily on marketing? Are quick bursts or sustained campaigns better? What's advertising got to do with Cats and Dogs? Does it really take that much copy to sell something?

We've done this a few times.
Transformative Team Training
The same training we give to all of our own engineers so they can hit the ground running with proper patterns and techniques.

Your team will learn how to simply implement patterns to battle complexity, allow simple microservices to stay simple, and deploy them to Kubernetes on any platform.

Learn how microservices fit into modern application architectures using technologies like GraphQL and React.
Marketing Strategy Deep Dive
Not very fun to make a product that no one uses.

Turns out, there are systems for that. They are called Marketing and Sales, and engineers sometimes view them as dirty words. Not us.

We like making an impact. Book a Deep Dive to get a plan!
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